Nasionalisme ala Pandji

Sebelum baca buku ini, I already promised to myself to write the review here immediately after I read the book. Karena saya termasuk orang yang sebenernya baru banget tau siapa Pandji itu, dan itupun taunya dari twitter, hingga akhirnya baca beberapa pemikirannya di blognya dan semua itu cukup membuat saya untuk mengaguminya sebagai sosok WNI yang pintar dan optimis akan masa depan negaranya. Until then I found this book at my sister’s bookshelf.


Whoaa, I have to read it than yes of course I have to write it too on my blog! Tapi setelah kelar bacanya.. Speechless. Bingung mau nulis apa, this book is totally rocks! Jujur, Pandji melalui buku ini berhasil (bener-bener berhasil) menularkan optimismenya akan masa depan Indonesia yang lebih baik pada saya. Dan saya juga sangat yakin, there have been so many people out there who are also infected with the spirit of optimism by this book.

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9 Summers 10 Autumns by Iwan Setiawan

Actually I already finished read this book a couple weeks ago. And suddenly, I wanted to write a review about this book now. The reason I wanted to read 9 Summers 10 Autumns so much was so simple. The reason is the book was placed on a bookshelf with tag “national best seller”. Finally, until someone special gave me the novel as my earlier birthday gift. It was make me more excited to read this book.

9 Summers 10 autumns. Judging from its title, maybe we will think “It should be the plot of this book”. Yes, absolutely right. This novel tells us about Iwan Setiawan’s journey. Iwan Setiawan was born in a modest family in East Java, he was raised with love, struggle, laughters and tears, until he has finally achieved his dream, even more than his dream. Getting a strategic position in one of Multinational Companies and was stationed in New York City is something that has been never previously imagined by him. From the city of apples to the Big Apple. Iwan Setiawan was trying to retell the story of his life with an interesting storyline, simple and touching language, and sometimes very melancholy.

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