9 Summers 10 Autumns by Iwan Setiawan

Actually I already finished read this book a couple weeks ago. And suddenly, I wanted to write a review about this book now. The reason I wanted to read 9 Summers 10 Autumns so much was so simple. The reason is the book was placed on a bookshelf with tag “national best seller”. Finally, until someone special gave me the novel as my earlier birthday gift. It was make me more excited to read this book.

9 Summers 10 autumns. Judging from its title, maybe we will think “It should be the plot of this book”. Yes, absolutely right. This novel tells us about Iwan Setiawan’s journey. Iwan Setiawan was born in a modest family in East Java, he was raised with love, struggle, laughters and tears, until he has finally achieved his dream, even more than his dream. Getting a strategic position in one of Multinational Companies and was stationed in New York City is something that has been never previously imagined by him. From the city of apples to the Big Apple. Iwan Setiawan was trying to retell the story of his life with an interesting storyline, simple and touching language, and sometimes very melancholy.

Setting of the book is actually more than 9 Summers 10 Autumns. But 10 years is an important part of the book as a whole. The way Iwan told his story is very interesting that I can not stop reading this book until finish. After reading this book I am aware of one thing, life is a struggle. Push yourself to the limit and always believe in God.  To quote one of Dostoevsky’s quote that Iwan Setiawan convey in his book “Ah, children, Ah dear friends, do not be afraid of life! How good life is when you do something good and rightful!”. Maybe, we was born in a condition that is not what we want, but believe that there is always hope among all the limitations.

The conclusion is 9 Summers 10 Autumns is very inspiring book that should be read by anyone.

PS: The book is available in two versions: Bahasa Indonesia version and English version.



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